Freelance design is no walk in the park. It takes an incredible work ethic, significant entrepreneurial prowess, and a bit of insanity to pull it off effectively. Do what you love. Do More.

Freelance Marketing – (02-18/ Present)

Online Retail, Marketing, Product Photographer, Appraisal, Shipment Packaging

  • Handles all product shipment packaging and researches shipping rates to provide each customer with the most reliable and economic method of shipment.
  • Maintains a perfect customer satisfactory rating of 100% through sales by responding to inquiries within 1 day, shipping within promised processing times, and assuming complete liability of each item until its confirmed delivery.
  • Researches items in the field, and negotiates the best deal possible by taking into consideration estimated wholesale value, retail market value, possible artistic and historic value, as well as item condition.
  • Taking professional product photos to greatly enhance product appeal, resulting in sale prices substantially above market value. Increased sales consistency by identifying and sourcing in-trend items and carrying out weekly contact inventory sweeps.
  • Handles damage and loss claims directly with couriers and independent shipment insurers such as FedEx, USPS, uShip, and U-PIC for the customer, sending affidavits, and administering refunds.

Freelance Graphic Design (03/19)

  • (03/19) Thurlow, Wine Label
  • (2/08 –5/10) Cleveland Reads, Brochure, Pamphlet, Bookmark Design
  • (3/08 –4/08) Chili’s/On The Border, Convention Banner Design
  • (8/02 –5/03) American Red Cross, Summit County, Brochure, Annual Report design
  • (7/02 –5/03) Klich, Wedding invitation design
  • (7/02 –8/02) Richea, Wedding invitation design
  • (7/01 –11/01) Gallo Design, Logo Design