Jack Simmons

I’ve worked with Christine for almost a decade and have found her to be a consummate professional in the field of graphic design. She has a firm grasp of design principles and an in-depth knowledge of the software tools used in producing print layouts that are ready for immediate production. Christine has expanded that knowledge to encompass the conversion of standard print layouts produced in Adobe Creative Suite into digital layouts accessible as customizable web based templates allowing client end-users to produce ads that are regionally or nationally specific. During my time working with Christine her technological aptitude and creative out-of-the-box mindset made her an irreplaceable member of the Graphic Operations team at BrandMuscle, Inc. Christine’s project management skills are impeccable and allow her to efficiently complete client implementations or maintenance projects on time, as well as free of error. Her attention to detail is second to none. I hold Christine in high esteem and would gladly hire or work with her on any project. Christine would be an exemplary contributing employee to any company she would choose to work with now or in the future.